Krakow - the historical city

Krakow is a city situated on the Vistula River in southern Poland and it is the second biggest Polish city in terms of number of inhabitants and in terms of its area. It is one of the oldest Polish cities, with over thousand years of history, it has numerous valuable architectural objects.

Till march 1596 Krakow was capitol of Poland and the seat of Polish kings, currently it is capitol of Malopolska voivodship and metropolitan center of Krakow agglomeration.

Krakow is one the most significant cultural center in Poland and is very popular tourist destinations in Europe. The area of historic Old Town and Jewish Quarter Kazimierz was inscribed in 1978 on UNESCO World Heritage List. In year 2000 Krakow was titled as European Capitol of Culture.

The architectural and urban complex of old Krakow are most important monuments of cultural heritage in Poland and in the world. Old Town in Krakow is classified as class"0" monuments - the highest in national scale of classification.